Organic Pasteurized Milk (Pre-Order)

Organic Pasteurized Milk (Pre-Order)

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Organic Pasteurized Milk from Dairy Home is fragrant and unique, good for consumers and environmentally friendly.

1.2 L.

You can also select a subscription plan: 5 times. The delivery dates are at your choice*. It can be once a week or whenever you want, just notice us 1 day before each time :)

*the purchase of the subscription must be redeemed/claimed within 6 months from the purchase date. If not redeemed within the 6 months from the purchase date, the customer accepts forfeit of the subscription value.

Please order on Monday or Thursday to get your products on Wednesday or Saturday respectively.
The products from Dairy Home will arrive 2 days per week, every Wednesday and every Saturday.
If you would like to get your products on Wednesday, please order it within Monday, 6 p.m. 
And if you would like to get your products on 
Saturday, please order it within Thursday, 6 p.m.